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 Since 2000, Richard has given tennis & badminton lessons to beginners,intermediate, advance, elite, and super elite players or national players in English.

Coaching Certification




GOALS - to promote badminton and tennis to the people.


CERTIFICATION Practical,Theory,Technical
COMPLETE LEVEL I, II, and Complete Level 3 National Coaching Certification Program

Richard has been playing tennis over 35 years. Now Richard tennis level is at 6.0 . Richard has hitting skills at 6.5 level and and has analytical knowledge about all the world class level player techniques, tactics, and strategy at 7.0 level skill. Richard has coached and help more than 1000 players in the field of tennis through over 23 years of his coaching experience. Richard has coached beginner from (0 level) to (5.0 level player) and even 5.5 level players. Richard also got a first place for the fastest serving competition at Odlum Brown Open international tournament in Vancouver, BC.

For badminton, richard has been playing over 35 years. Over these years, Richard had competed in badminton national and international badminton tournaments and Richard has coached over 2000 students from youth to adult ranging from various age in the field of badminton. Richard coached many beginers, intermediate, advance, high performance, and elite players in bc. Richard has trained more than 200 advance/elite players in the past 23 years of his badminton coaching.

Top Badminton Players in BC and in Canada.
Compete in Badminton BC National.
Badminton Canadian Open 2002 & 2003, 2011, 2012, 2013.
Tennis: Finalist in Stantley Open for U16.
Tennis:Compete in Stantley Open Men "A" 1996,2002,2003

Roddick, and Samprass Serveand volley . I love to help young players to be the best tennis players that they can be.

I have coached at:

University of British Columbia
Kengsinton Community Center
Britannia Community Center
Coal Harbour Community Center
Trout Lake Community Center
UBC Tennis Center
West End Community Center
Sunset Community Center
Renfrew Community Center
Outdoor Courts Around Lower Mainland




Phone (604) 338-8926

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