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Cash Back Mortgage
is a technique, which gives cash incentive to a borrower, in addition to the money he/she is going to borrow. It can offer anywhere between 1% and 12% cash back. Here, a borrower is paid a set percentage of amounts borrowed, as a cash payment on mortgage completion. By this type of mortgage deal, a borrower can pay off his credit card debt, home furnishing debt, moving costs, etc.

Cash back mortgage is an ideal dealing for a borrower if he/she-
1. Wants to renovate, refurnish or decorate his/her home.
2. Would like to take a dream vacation.
3. Want to get ready for any unexpected dream expenses.
4. Want to make an additional lump sum payment on his/her mortgage.
5. Want to renew an existing mortgage early and have prepayments costs to pay.

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